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by Bernard Baah
  1. Introduction to Laravel

    • Overview of Laravel and its features
    • Setting up a Laravel development environment
  2. Laravel Installation and Configuration

    • Installing Laravel via Composer
    • Configuration and environment setup
  3. Understanding MVC Architecture in Laravel

    • Introduction to Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture
    • Laravel’s implementation of MVC
  4. Routing in Laravel

    • Basic routing
    • Route parameters and constraints
    • Named routes
  5. Middleware in Laravel

    • Creating and using middleware
    • Global and route-specific middleware
  6. Controllers in Laravel

    • Creating controllers
    • Resource controllers
    • Controller middleware
  7. Views and Blade Templating Engine

    • Creating views with Blade
    • Blade directives and templates
    • Layouts and sections
  8. Working with Databases in Laravel

    • Database configuration
    • Running migrations
    • Seeding databases
  9. Eloquent ORM Basics

    • Introduction to Eloquent ORM
    • Defining models and relationships
    • Querying the database with Eloquent
  10. Advanced Eloquent Features

    • Eloquent relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, etc.)
    • Eloquent scopes and accessors/mutators
  11. Form Handling and Validation

    • Creating forms with Blade
    • Validating form input
    • Handling form submission
  12. Authentication in Laravel

    • User authentication setup
    • Registration and login
    • Password resets
  13. Authorization in Laravel

    • Role-based access control
    • Policies and gates
  14. Laravel Collections

    • Introduction to collections
    • Working with collection methods
  15. File Storage in Laravel

    • Configuring file storage
    • Uploading files
    • Retrieving and displaying files
  16. Laravel Artisan Command-Line Interface

    • Introduction to Artisan commands
    • Creating custom Artisan commands
  17. Testing in Laravel

    • Introduction to testing
    • Writing unit and feature tests
    • Testing with PHPUnit and Laravel Dusk
  18. Task Scheduling with Laravel

    • Introduction to task scheduling
    • Setting up scheduled tasks with Cron
  19. Event Broadcasting

    • Introduction to Laravel events and listeners
    • Broadcasting events
  20. Real-Time Notifications

    • Sending notifications via email, SMS, and more
    • Real-time notifications with Laravel Echo
  21. Queues in Laravel

    • Introduction to queues
    • Setting up queue drivers
    • Queueing jobs and handling failed jobs
  22. API Development with Laravel

    • Building RESTful APIs
    • API authentication with Passport and Sanctum
  23. Laravel Mix

    • Introduction to Laravel Mix
    • Compiling assets with Laravel Mix
  24. Localization in Laravel

    • Setting up localization
    • Translating content
  25. Debugging and Logging

    • Debugging with Laravel Debugbar
    • Logging with Monolog
  26. Deploying Laravel Applications

    • Deployment best practices
    • Deploying with Forge, Envoyer, and other tools
  27. Laravel Packages

    • Introduction to Laravel packages
    • Creating and using custom packages
  28. Laravel and Vue.js

    • Integrating Vue.js with Laravel
    • Building single-page applications (SPAs) with Vue.js and Laravel
  29. Security Best Practices

    • Securing Laravel applications
    • Preventing common security vulnerabilities (e.g., CSRF, XSS, SQL injection)
  30. Performance Optimization

    • Caching strategies
    • Optimizing database queries
    • Improving application performance

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