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PHP Programming

by Bernard Baah
  1. Introduction to PHP

    • Overview and history of PHP
    • Installing PHP and setting up a local development environment
  2. PHP Syntax and Basics

    • Variables and data types
    • Operators and expressions
    • Constants
  3. Control Structures

    • Conditional statements (if, else, switch)
    • Looping structures (for, while, do-while, foreach)
  4. Functions in PHP

    • Defining and calling functions
    • Function arguments and return values
    • Variable scope and global variables
  5. Working with Strings

    • String manipulation functions
    • Regular expressions in PHP
  6. Arrays

    • Indexed and associative arrays
    • Multidimensional arrays
    • Array functions
  7. Superglobals

    • Understanding $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_SESSION, $_COOKIE, $_FILES
  8. Form Handling

    • Creating and processing HTML forms
    • Validating form data
    • Handling file uploads
  9. Session Management

    • Starting and destroying sessions
    • Using session variables
  10. Cookie Management

    • Setting and retrieving cookies
    • Cookie expiration and security
  11. Working with Files

    • Reading from and writing to files
    • File permissions and handling errors
  12. Working with Dates and Times

    • Date and time functions
    • Formatting and manipulating dates and times
  13. Error Handling and Debugging

    • Types of errors (syntax, runtime, logical)
    • Error handling functions
    • Using try-catch blocks
  14. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

    • Classes and objects
    • Properties and methods
    • Inheritance and polymorphism
  15. Namespaces and Traits

    • Using namespaces
    • Traits in PHP
  16. Composer and Dependency Management

    • Introduction to Composer
    • Installing and using packages
  17. Working with Databases

    • Connecting to MySQL database
    • Performing CRUD operations
    • Using PDO for database interactions
  18. Prepared Statements and Security

    • Understanding SQL injection
    • Using prepared statements to prevent SQL injection
  19. MVC Architecture

    • Introduction to MVC
    • Implementing MVC in PHP
  20. RESTful APIs

    • Creating and consuming RESTful APIs
    • Handling JSON data
  21. Authentication and Authorization

    • Implementing user registration and login
    • Password hashing and verification
    • Role-based access control
  22. Email Handling

    • Sending emails using PHP
    • Using PHPMailer
  23. PHP Frameworks Overview

    • Introduction to popular PHP frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter)
    • Choosing the right framework for your project
  24. Laravel Basics

    • Setting up a Laravel project
    • Laravel routing, controllers, and views
  25. PHP and JavaScript Integration

    • Using PHP with JavaScript for dynamic web pages
    • AJAX with PHP
  26. PHP Security Best Practices

    • Common security vulnerabilities
    • Best practices for writing secure PHP code
  27. Unit Testing in PHP

    • Introduction to PHPUnit
    • Writing and running tests
  28. Performance Optimization

    • Profiling PHP applications
    • Caching strategies
  29. Deployment and Hosting

    • Preparing your PHP application for deployment
    • Deploying to different hosting environments
  30. PHP 8 Features

    • New features and improvements in PHP 8
    • Migrating from older PHP versions to PHP 8

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